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pen and paper

Whether you are an advanced spanish student or don’t speak a word of spanish we have a curriculum suited for you.  You will learn the neccesary grammar and get a chance to practice your spanish with our instructers and other students through a variety of activities and conversations that we have planned for you.

What you can expect to learn

BEGINNERS: 1-2 weeks
•    Mini-dialogues,
•    Numbers & time
•    Articles, pronouns, adjectives etc
•    Present tense: regular and irregular verbs
•    Past tense: preterite regular verbs

•    Past tense: Preterite irregulares
•    Imperfect tense
•    Possessive adjectives and pronouns
•    Idioms with “VEZ”
•    Future indicative, regular and irregular
•    Por vs. Para
•    IR “GOING TO”

ADVANCED: 5-10 weeks
•    Direct & indirect object, combination of both
•    Verb “Haber”
•    Perfect Tenses
•    Conditional tense
•    Subjuntive present, imperfect, progresive
•    Perfect subjuntive
•    Imperative
•    Informal “VOS”





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