Flor Del Maíz



detail of a Mayan stone carving

Our Mission

Flor Del Maiz Spanish School is a small Co-op located in the heart of San Pedro La Laguna, a mid-sized town on the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The school is committed to improving the social and economic position of the impoverished peoples of Guatemala, especially the marginalized Mayan community. To this end Flor Del Maiz Spanish School pursues three goals:

1)    To provide affordable, quality Spanish instruction to foreigners in a manner that allows them to learn about Guatemalan culture and the problems facing the people here, first hand.

2)   To use the schools resources to promote ecological and social projects, which currently include an educational initiative called Trek for Kids.

3)    To employ local residents at fair wage and offer resources to foreigners who are interested in helping to improve the lives of the Guatemalan people.


The SchoolA Flor Del Maiz garden classroom

Flor Del Maiz provides a comfortable, unique and distraction-free learning environment. All of our classes are one-on-one and take place in classrooms overlooking the town center and Lake Atitlan. Flor De Maiz is the only Spanish school located in the town center (just one minute’s walk from the central park and a 5-10 minute walk uphill from the lakeside ‘tourist area’ and most hotels) it’s just far enough from the tourist area to allow you to experience local culture and practice your Spanish with full immersion. Please note that the school can be difficult to find independently and it is therefore recommended that you call beforehand to arrange for a representative to meet you at the central park (4285-5015) or (5691-3810

During class we offer complimentary snacks (usually bread, fruit and other local specialties), tea, and freshly picked and brewed Guatemalan coffee straight from one of the instructor’s fields.

Study materials are provided and we strive to constantly update and improve our curriculum.
Classes and Instructors

All of our instructors are local residents of Mayan Tz’utujil descent.  Our instructors speak English, which is not the case at most local Spanish schools.
All classes are taught one-on-one so that our instructors can give students their full attention and tailor their classes to each student’s individual needs.

Homestays with local families are also offered. We highly recommend that our students spend some of their time living with a local Mayan Tz’utujil family, not only because immersion is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish, but also because it allows students to learn about local Mayan culture.
Our homestay options are located in the same neighborhood as the school, are very affordable (much cheaper than living in a hotel and eating in restaurants). They also help to supplement the incomes of the local families, many of whom live on less than $2.60USD per day per person.

“Studying at Flor Del Maiz was a very rewarding experience. i would recommend it to anybody!”
Matt Gibson, student in 2009


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