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Testimonial from Don Zienty.

My 22 year old son and I attended Flor del Maiz Spanish School in July, 2011.  We chose Flor del Maiz based on the the many excellent testimonials we found on the Internet.  Our experience exceeded our expectations!

My son and I have very different backgrounds in Spanish.  I am a beginner and he has a BA degree in Spanish.  We wanted to find a school that would meet both our needs.  Javier and the instructors at Flor del Maiz were extremely helpful in designing individual courses of study that met our needs wonderfully!  The instructors are extremely diligent and were well prepared for each and every lesson.

Also very beneficial is the home stay option.  You live and eat with a local family, an experience that is tremendously valuable.  You can practice your Spanish as you observe and learn about typical Guatemalan family life.

This Spanish school is an extremely good value.  The cost of study can easily fit into the budget of a student.

I would recommend Flor del Maiz to anyone who wants the full Spanish immersion experience!!

Don Zienty



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