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Testimonial by Iank1 on 123teachme.com

I attended here for 1 week in March/07 with my family – 4 of us in total, from Canada. Home stay was at the home of Javier, an owner of the school, my instructor was Demiss. We were all beginner spanish learners – at different levels and the teachers accomodated well to our different needs. This is a small school – they are probably full with 5 or 6 students. Home accomodations were simple and exactly what we needed. Rooms had lockable doors, purified water was always available, and a hot shower was available. Vegetarian food preference was accomodated. A very friendly family with a fun little 5yr old girl who entertained my teenage daughters endlessly. San Pedro is not too big and we felt safe on the streets even at night. You get very good value for the price you pay here – but don’t be expecting luxury and high comfort – tortillas and rice will be the base of your diet! On the weekend an overnight mountain hike was offered for additional cost of 100Q each but well worth it – if you’re reasonably fit. Afternoon activities were not really outings but – things like a movie, a presentation on Mayan Cosmology, and a group dinner with all the students. San Pedro has most of what gringos want such as nice restaurants/coffee shops/bars without being overwhelming touristy.

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